Gorillas in the mist: What is Gorillaz trekking in Uganda, Rwanda, and Congo?

Gorillas in the mist: Gorillaz Trekking in Uganda, Rwanda, and Congo. Immerse your self in the silverback story.

Gorillas in the mist: Let me bring you up close to the gentle giants of Uganda. The silverbacks! 

Gorilla trekking in Uganda, Rwanda, and Congo is an encounter of getting so close to the Gorillas in there natural habitat. However, Gorillas are an endangered species (Plumptre, et al, 2016; Haggblade, et al 2019).

The mountain gorilla, Gorillaz beringei beringei, is about 1000 individuals in the wild, and the loss of even a single animal has implications for the viability of their two populations (Hanes, A. C., et al 2018)

Haggblade says that the most common cause of Gorillaz morbidity and mortality is trauma (Haggblade, et al 2019)

Is Gorillaz trekking in Uganda, Rwanda, and Congo safe?

Is Uganda Rwanda and Congo Safe?

Uganda and Rwanda are very safe and serene countries for tourists. According to the geographical Zoning of the mountain gorillaz Beringei (gorillas in the mist). Both areas are stable and secure.

Most safe areas in gorillaz trekking

  1. Bwindi Impenetrable National Park in Uganda
  2. Mgahinga Gorilla National Park in Uganda
  3. Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda,

Who provides security in these zones or game parks?

  • Park Officials: These officers are alert and all the time on the watch for any dangers, that might befall both the tourist and the mountain silverbacks. such as human guerrillas or pouching .
  • UN Peace Keppers: These are on the lookout for the same. United Nations is an international body, you are promised a safe and adventurous trekk.
  • Tour guides as well as travel agents: These update tourists information on security concerns per day during Gorillaz trekking in Uganda, Rwanda, and Congo .
  • Wildlife authorities and police departments are alerted immediately there are any dangers for visiting travelers.

How should the gorilla tourists behave?

Gorillas in the mist: Gorillas are still wild animals and park rangers are strict on these guidelines. Therefore to be safe:

  • 7 Meters my brother!: Seven meters is the distance a tourist should be close to the silverbacks whenever in East Africa doing Gorilla trekking.
  • Foods and drinks: are not allowed in the presence of gorillas in the mist and their families.
  • Staring into the eyes: of the gorillas during gorilla trekking is surprisingly not permitted.
  • Taking photos: You are not permitted to use a camera flash since that will can startle the gorillas in the mist, who may charge against the group.
  • Speaking quietly: making noise or any sudden moves, can also be seen as a threat to the gorillas during Gorillaz trekking in Uganda, Rwanda, and Congo
  • Introducing Mouth masks still under research as this might not deter the tourists we are not yet sure all the 3 countries will introduce them during Gorillaz trekking in Uganda, Rwanda, and Congo.

All the above guidelines are for the benefit of tourism, the tourist and the gorillaz

If a gorilla comes close up to someone?

  1. Don’t panic during Gorillaz trekking in Uganda, Rwanda, and Congo.
  2. Don’t Run! (Of course, you may think I am mad but don’t dare run as the gorillas in the mist may charge against you).
  3. Note: These gorillas have been habituated for two years and thus they are used to human encounters.
  4. Sit very still: This should be done until the gorillas in the mist have moved away
  5. Crouching and acting: This must be done in a submissive way its also the best course of action.

Are the Gorillas in the mist?

Yes, the Gorillaz are in the mist.

is there mist always during Gorillaz trekking in Uganda, Rwanda, and Congo?

Gorillaz in the mist was coined after Dian Fossey’s autobiography in a film is an adaptation of wildlife expert’s life.

The film was directed in 1988 for American drama by Michael Apted and starring Sigourney Weaver

The film is about the life of Dian who leaves America for Africa to settle in the Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda and Uganda. She develops a bond with the gorillas in the mist but becomes weary of the poachers.

Was Dian Fossey murdered?

Why is gorilla trekking so expensive?

Let me ask you also, do you think Gorillaz Trekking is expensive in Uganda, Rwanda, and Congo?

Let me give you the current prices of gorilla permits first.

  1. Congo – $400USD
  2. Uganda – $600USD
  3. Rwanda – $1500USD

Now, remember that if you focus on the hefty tag of these Gorillaz permits, you will miss seeing this once an endangered species.

Remember the story of Dian Fossey, the Gorillaz conservationist, from the adaptation of Gorillaz in the mist. The lady helped to turn back the numbers and now the Gorillaz are over 1000 in the whole world.

It is assumed that Dian Fossey lost her life to the Silverback poachers. So the Question: is gorilla trekking so expensive?

The only place you can see the Gorillaz is Uganda, Rwanda, and Congo forest. so that money would not be a thing. By now you should be planning your Gorillaz Trekking in Uganda, Rwanda, and Congo

What happens when you pay Gorillaz permits.

  • The government gets – 15%
  • The community gets – 10%
  • Gorillaz conservation – 75%

So Rwanda has just recently doubled her Gorillaz permits from $750 t0 $1500 not to amass wealth but to pullback a good fee to conservation and habituation.

What else do you have to pay during Gorillaz trekking safaris?

By now you have already realized that gorillas in the mist Trekking is a bit more expensive than the other safaris? On the same list of To Pay add!

  • Accommodation
  • Transportation
  • Meals
  • Tour Operator Fees
  • Misc.

So before you say Gorillaz trekking is expensive in Uganda, Rwanda, and Congo? Choose from these two options!

  1. Budget Gorillaz Trekking
  2. Luxury Gorilla Trekking

How much does it cost to go gorilla trekking in Uganda?








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